Mimari belgeleme ve rölöve çalışmaları

Restoration Drafting

We produce data with high accuracy for your restoration drawings. Regardless of size or structural condition, we transfer all types of structures to our computer environment by measuring our 3D laser scanner and electro-optical measuring systems. In this way, we deliver the structures according to the software you use, in the point cloud, orthophoto, or in common CAD format.

It is important in terms of building survey costs to transfer complex and multi-part structures to a 3D drawing and modeling environment in a short period of time. With 3D laser scanners, we prevent repetitive site visits and avoid errors caused by classical methods. Measurement activities can be carried out in a very short time in places where hand measurement is difficult and dangerous.

You can enhance your projects with our high accuracy 3D laser scanning services in narrow and high detailed delivery times.

We transform your structures into 3D models so you can use them in different CAD software and BIM environments. If you want different layers and stages of the building’s own materials, if you wish to be applied to the current structure of the design by adding data to the model can be increased.


  • Building Facade
  • Floor Plans
  • Street Silhouettes
  • Cultural Heritage Documentation
  • Restoration Drafting
  • B.I.M.
Çeşme Ölçüm ve Modelleme

You will be able to reach all the details of the building in your facade surveys effortlessly. You can draw from high-resolution orthophotos or you can prepare your level drawings by using direct CAD models. You can access all the details from your office computer without any safety risk.

We are also manufacturing high-resolution data and orthophotos for street improvement projects and street silhouette drawings. You can transfer the street and avenues to the CAD environment in a very short time. Contact us for your as-built and heritage projects.

Cephe Rölöve Ölçüm