3D Laser Scanning Historic Buildings

Natural disasters, wars and time are prime enemies of historic buildings and cultural heritages. Professionals are using different methodologies while documenting historic buildings. At this point, we are providing latest 3D laser scanning technology and techniques for your projects.

We are mainly using terrestrial laser scanning technologies on for your project.
In addition we can merge different method, technology and tools related to your special needs like drone photography, air lidar, handheld and mobile scanning etc.


Time Saving on Field

Eski Eser rölöve ve Belgeleme
We’re providing 3D Laser Scanning Services in Turkey

Using 3D Laser Scanning techniques will accelerate your projects. Both office and field time saving brings huge benefits on your budgets. Using accurate and high precision data at the office, increases productivity and puts down stress level of the team.

From bottom to top you can manage historic buildings easily to transform in to an intelligent form. Deformation monitoring and as-built documentation will will strengthen your reports with high resolution visuals and animations.

We can provide 360 photo tours, 2D and 3D cad drawings, BIM layouts and 3d point cloud data sets which is compatible with all CAD platforms as final product. Our flexible approach can produce customized solutions for your needs. Please contact us for further information.

  • Easy Access to High Points
  • Compatible with all CAD software
  • High Resolution Ortho Photos
  • Easy Section and Elevation Management
  • Ready to use baseline for 3D Modeling
Bina cephe rölöve ölçüm Real Photo
Bina cephe rölöve Ölçüm Point Cloud Data

Move Arrow to see details on point cloud data

  • Time saving up to 90%
  • Detailed Facade Measure
  • HSSE
  • Avoids Manual Measurement Errors
  • Decreases Employee Costs on Field


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