We provide fast and precise industrial laser scanning solutions with our experienced team and state-of-the-art measuring systems in the harsh working conditions of industrial sites.

With 3D laser scanning technology, we can produce data with millimeter precision in all areas where access is difficult and dangerous. In this way, you can visit the facility virtually or transfer the data to the modeling software without taking risks of the safety.

We are providing calibration measurement services for horizontal and vertical storage tanks that are used for all purposes.

Bringing accurate fast and reliable point cloud data that you need for floating or fixed roof tanks and wall thickness analysis.

You can plan maintenance works more precisely and maximize efficiency with detailed tank deformation reports.  In addition, using 3D animations and high-resolution renders from the site, will also strengthen presentation and report expression.





  • Facility Building Layouts
  • 3D Documentation
  • Equipment and Machine Settlement Plans
  • P&ID Preparations
  • Geometric and Semi-Intelligent CAD Models
  • Fully compatible with Aveva, Autodesk and Intergraph softwares

We are providing control surveying data for mechanical, electrical, and piping (M.E.P.) contractors. Manual measures sometimes can cause big problems. With preliminary surveys before installing equipment and as-built data, you can avoid most of your high-cost problems. 

Using 3D documentation on your project will significantly reduce expenses. Contact us for customized engineering solutions and further information.

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