Marine Laser Scanning –  Ship Building Industry Solutions:

The shipbuilding industry, changing every day. Days, even hours are essential to keep operations under budget. At this point, we are finding solutions for your Marine Laser Scanning needs.

We provide fast and reliable measurements onboard with the latest 3D laser scanning technology. Using laser scanning technology on maritime surveys has many advantages over manual and classical surveying methodology.

Our experienced team can rapidly make this measurement on the project site without interrupting your operations. Minimizing personnel, also decrease HSSE risks on site.

Gemi İnşa ve Deniz araçları Ölçüm
3D Laser scanning services in Turkey
laser scanning on vessel Turkey service provider. Ballast, retrofit

Marine Laser Scanning:

We can provide high resolution and dense 3D point cloud data of engine room and pump room for retrofit projects regardless of vessel size. Design and engineering teams can easily model BWTS projects with accurate laser scanning data. We can reach all ports and shipyards in Turkey in a very short time. In some cases, the laser scanning team can complete the project while the vessel is sailing or in anchorage. For scrubber and BWTS 3D laser scanning services, please Contact us.

Bulk carrier or tanker ship storage areas and volume calibration measurements are other services for vessels. Our qualified personnel can manage HSSE risks and complete projects without affecting the vessel crew.

In addition, we can provide full hull scans and 3D point cloud data for deformation analysis and piping projects. We can assist you to import high-density 3D data to your projects for almost every common CAD software.

  • Minimize Safety Risks
  • Retrofit Designs
  • Safe & Efficient
  • Avoids Manual Measure Errors
  • 360° Documentation of Decks
  • Ship Building Industry
  • Data transfer on broadband cloud system
  • Propeller and Bow Documentation
  • ECR and CCR documentation
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