Tank Calibration and Storage Tanks

Storage tanks and pressure vessels are important steel structures used in the storage, processing and transfer of fluids in many different sectors. Generally, one-piece dimensions are larger than other industrial structures.

It is very important to monitor tanks that are in constant use throughout their economic life. During the operations, deformation occurs, exposure to forces to affect the structure statics, corrosion and other effects are the main headings to be observed.

Tank kalibrasyon ölçüm
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We Provide Calibration Measures of Storage Tanks and Pressure Vessels

Considering the dimensions, it is not correct to make a healthy tank measurement with classical measuring methods. We perform deformations on the tank surfaces and measure the tank calibration by our high precision electro-optical measuring systems and 3D laser scanner devices. Our main services include anomalies in tank walls, solid tank model, tank volume, tank calibration measurement and linearity analysis. At the same time, these measurements can be combined with different NDT tests to create comprehensive observation reports.

The direction of deformations formed by regular observations can be determined and reported. We can do animation and escape analysis for the tank field. Contact us for more information on our industrial pressure vessels and storage tanks.


3D Laser Scanning Advantages on Tank Calibration Measurements.

The biggest advantage is the decrease in the number of personnel to work in the field. In this way, both field personnel expenses will be reduced and occupational safety risks will decrease in the correct ratio.

Another important factor of tank calibration measurement services is data accuracy. In contrast to conventional methods, data error limits do not exceed the millimeter level with highly automated measurements. The importance of high precision data for an operation that will affect maintenance, repair and operating costs is undeniable.

  • Minimizes Safety Risks
  • NDT Reporting
  • Data Transferable to Modeling Tools
  • Avoids Manual Measure Errors
  • 100% Faster Than Existing Methods