3D Hull scanning services

Why do you need high-precision 3D data?

The marine industry is struggling with carbon emissions and fuel costs. Keeping high-efficiency energy-saving projects is getting more critical. Day by day many ship owners and design offices need more precise 3D hull scanning data than before. Bow, aft, propeller, and hull modifications significantly differ in future operating costs.

Understanding pressure variations, underwater disturbances, wind, and other mechanical effects are mandatory. 3D laser scanning is the most efficient way to capture the existing conditions of the hull and all other units on the vessel.

marine scanning

What is point cloud data?

Point clouds are the final products made from laser scanning. With our state-of-the-art terrestrial laser scanners, we can provide reality capture services with high precision and accuracy. We’re also providing 3d laser scanning services for BWTS projects.

Precise 3D hull measurement services

Scanning complex hull surfaces during the drydocking is highly efficient and save serious time and money. We can prepare point cloud files in several formats for design and engineering teams all over the world.

Best service with a lower price tag!

We can reach every port in Turkey for your BWTS, hull scanning, or any other 3D laser scanning needs.

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